LingLab has been recently established by the Department of Linguistics at the Faculty of Philosophy of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. For more details on its hosting research projects and other activities, check out the relevant sections.

Opening Hours


Theoretical & Applied Linguistics


Despina Papadopoulou

Lab Director / Head of the Department of Linguistics

Language Processing,
Language Acquisition,
Second Language Teaching,
Language Disorders


Anthi Revithiadou

Chair of the School of Philology

Metrical Phonology,
Morphology - Phonology Interface,
Syntax - Phonology Interface,
Comparative Linguistics,
Experimental Phonology,
Greek Dialects,
L1/L2 Acquisition,
Heritage Language


Savas L. Tsohatzidis

Analytic Philosophy of Language,
Semantics and Pragmatics of Natural Languages,
History and Philosophy of Linguistics


Dimitrios Koutsogiannis

Educational Linguistics,
Critical Discourse Analysis,
Social Semiotics,
Literacy Studies


Maria Theodoropoulou

Language and Emotion,
Figurative Language,
Cognitive Linguistics,
Linguistics and Psychoanalysis


Alexandros Tantos

Computational Linguistics,
Natural Language Processing,
Formal Semantics,
Discourse Semantics and Pragmatics,
Corpus Linguistics,
Data Science


Dimitris Michelioudakis

Theoretical, comparative and diachronic syntax,
Syntactic Typology,
Argument structure and event structure,
Greek dialects,
Phylogenetic linguistics,
Native American Languages,
Syntactic Fieldwork


Nikos Amvrazis

Second Language Acquisition,
Teaching Language Learner Strategies,
Interfaces [Syntax-Discourse],
Experimental Linguistics


Georgia Fotiadou

Corpus Linguistics,
Sentence Processing,
Eye-tracking methodology


Eirini Konta

Second Language Acquisition,
Teaching Greek as a Second/Foreign Language,
Language Testing,
Inflectional and Derivational Morphology

Historical Linguistics


Georgios K. Giannakis

Historical and Comparative Linguistics,
Indo-European Languages and Linguistics,
Language, Culture and Society,
Ancient Greek Dialects,
History of Linguistics


Georgios Papanastasiou

Historical Linguistics,
Indoeuropean Linguistics,
History of Greek Language,


Maria Karali

Historical Linguistics,
Historical Morphology,
Historical Sociolinguistics,
Historical Pragmatics,
Cognitive Linguistics,
Ancient Greek Language,
Writing Systems


Doris Kyriazis

Historical Linguistics and Dialectology,
Balkan Linguistics,
Language Contact,

Visiting Scholars



Theoretical & Applied Linguistics

A list of ongoing and past projects in theoretical & applied linguistics.

Historical & Balkan Linguistics

A list of ongoing and past projects in historical and balkan linguistics.


Talks, Seminars, Webinars

LingLab webinars, Spring semester 2021-2022

1st webinar, Thursday, 7/4/2022, 18.30-19.30

Speaker: Artemis Alexiadou, Humboldt University of Berlin

Title: Language and thought. Evidence from language acquisition

For the Zoom link click here.

Meeting ID: 914 7715 1754 | Passcode: 661655

2nd webinar, Thursday, 14/4/2022, 18.30-19.30

Speaker: Eleni Griva, University of Western Macedonia

Title: (Intercultural) Communication strategies in the teaching of Greek as second/foreign language

For the Zoom link click here.

Meeting ID: 914 7715 1754 | Passcode: 661655

3rd webinar, Thursday, 12/5/2022, 18.30-19.30

Speaker: Francesca Foppolo, University of Milan - Bicocca

Title: Testing pseudopartitives in Italian: off-line and on-line measures

For the Zoom link click here.

Meeting ID: 914 7715 1754 | Passcode: 661655

4th webinar, Thursday, 19/5/2022, 18.30-19.30

Speaker: Foivos Panagiotidis, University of Cyprus

Title: Theoretical linguistics and linguistic prescription

For the Zoom link click here.

Meeting ID: 914 7715 1754 | Passcode: 661655

5th webinar, Thursday, 26/5/2022, 18.30-19.30

Speaker: Dimitris Koutsogiannis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Title: School curricula

For the Zoom link click here.

Meeting ID: 914 7715 1754 | Passcode: 661655

Past activities

LingLab webinars, Winter semester 2021

Click here to see the full list of the webinars for the winter semester 2021.

1st webinar, Tuesday, 9/11/2021, 18.00-19.30

Lecture series on Multilingualism, MultiMind

Speaker: Daniela S. Avila-Varela, Pompeu Fabra University

Title: Cross-language phonological overlap in bilingual toddlers

2nd webinar, Tuesday, 30/11/2021, 18.00-19.30

Lecture series on Multilingualism, MultiMind

Speaker: Tess Fitzpatrick, Swansea University

Title: Applied linguistics in minoritised language contexts: three case studies from Wales

3rd webinar, Tuesday, 14/12/2021, 18.30-20.00

Speakers: Ι. Dosi & Ζ. Gavriilidou, Democritus University of Thrace

Title: The development of definitional skills in children with Developmental Language Disorder: delayed or deviant?

4th webinar, Tuesday, 11/1/2022, 18.30-20.00

Speaker: M. Kaltsa, A.U.Th.

Title: Project DemLENS: rethinking how preserved are (not) language abilities in dementia

5th webinar, Tuesday, 1/2/2022, 18.30-20.00

Speaker: Angeliki Efthymiou, Professor, Democritus University of Thrace

Title: Verbal formations in Modern Greek: variation, productivity, competition

41st Annual Meeting of the Department of Linguistics, 13-15 May, Online conference

Please visit the conference site for more details:

LingLab webinars, Spring semester 2021

1st webinar, Friday, 2/4/2021, 16.00-18.00

Speakers: Nikos Amvrazis & Georgia Fotiadou, A.U.Th.

Title: Gender processing in the L2

For the presentation in pdf click here.

2nd webinar, Friday, 9/4/2021, 16.00-18.00

Speaker: Maria Soukalopoulou, A.U.Th.

Title: Representations and processing mechanisms of perfective morphology in Greek speaking adults and children

For the presentation in pdf click here.

3rd webinar, Friday, 16/4/2021,16.00-18.00

Speakers: Koutsogiannis, D., Antonopoulou, S., Konstantinidis, A., Rothoni, A., A.U.Th.

Title: Language practices of Greek adolescent new immigrants in Australia and Germany: first thoughts about language education

4th webinar, Friday, 23/4/2021, 16.00-18.00

Speaker: Valantis Fyndanis, Cyprus University of Technology & University of Oslo

Title: Sequential multilingualism and working memory: Evidence from academics

5th webinar, Tuesday, 11/5/2021, 18.00-19.30

Lecture series on Multilingualism, MultiMind

Speaker: Napoleon Katsos, University of Cambridge

Title: Bilingualism in Children with Developmental Disorders: From Language and Cognition to Human Rights

For registration in the MultiMind lectures click here.

6th webinar, Friday, 21/5/2021, 16.00-18.00

Speaker: Evripidis Tsiakmakis, Autonomous University of Barcelona

Title: Tracing expletiveness: Expletive (?) Negation in Modern Greek

7th webinar, Friday, 28/5/2021, 17.00-18.30

Speaker: Alexandros Tantos, A.U.Th.

Title: Greek Learner Corpus ΙΙ and patterns of language use

8th webinar, Tuesday, 8/6/2021, 18.00-19.30

Lecture series on Multilingualism, MultiMind

Speaker: Johanne Paradis, University of Alberta

Title: Bilingual development in first generation Syrian refugee children: What factors contribute to successes and challenges?

For all the webinars click here.

International Linguistic Spring School 2021

The University of Cologne & the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki celebrate the collaboration of their research groups of Applied linguistics and invite you to the 2-day-long International Linguistic Spring School on “Multilingualism in educational contexts: Evidence from research outcomes”.

The school covers current methods and debates in the study of bilingual, second- and foreign-language learning in educational contexts. It is aimed at advanced BA- and MA-students that are interested in gaining both theoretical understanding and hands-on experience in the area of applied linguistic research in educational contexts.

The language of instruction will be English and the sessions will be held online via Zoom on Tuesday, March 23 (EET time: 17.00-19.30) and Wednesday, March 24, 2021 (EET time: 11.50-14.00).

If you wish to participate in our event please send an email to Natalia Nannou ( until March 18, 2021 to express your interest and receive the Zoom link.

For the poster of the event click here.

For the program of the event click here.

International Mother Tongue Day, 21/2/2021

The Linguistics Lab in collaboration with the MultiMind network and me2glosses organize an interactive online event for the International Mother Tongue Day (21 February 2021). The topic of the event is “Multilingualism: Myths, facts, research and stories”.

For the poster of the event click here.

For the presentation of the event in pdf click here

8th Festival of Multilingualism

LingLab takes part in the 8th Festival of Multilingualism! Know more about its scientific and educational activities and learn about the action of the “Bilingualism Matters” branch in Thessaloniki as well as about the recent findings of “The Multilingual Mind”, a European research project about language teaching techniques to refugee children!

Wednesday, 16 December 2020, Time: 18.00, Duration: 2 hours

LingLab A.U.Th. - Title: Talking about multilingualism

Coordination: Prof. D. Papadopoulou

For more information on the 8th Festival of Multilingualism, click here.

Postgraduate webinars on Research Methods in Linguistics

1st webinar, Friday, 18/12/2020, 11.00-13.30

Lecturer: Dr. Eirini Konta

2nd webinar, Friday, 22/1/2021, 11.00-13.30

Lecturer: Dr. Georgia Fotiadou

3rd webinar, Friday, 5/2/2021, 11.00-13.30

Lecturer: Dr. Nikos Amvrazis

4th webinar, Thursday, 4/3/2021, 11.00-13.30

Lecturer: Dr. Nikos Amvrazis

5th webinar, Friday, 19/3/2021, 11.00-13.30

Lecturer: Dr. Eirini Konta

6th webinar, Friday, 26/3/2021, 11.00-13.30

Lecturer: Dr. Georgia Fotiadou

LingLab weekly seminars

Our lab organizes weekly seminars on various topics of Applied Linguistics. The meetings take place at LingLab (2A&2B, New Wing, Faculty of Philosophy).

This semester our lab organizes webinars on various topics of Linguistics.

1st webinar, Thursday, 19/11/2020, 10.00-12.00

10.00-11.30 “When grammar and parsing momentarily disagree: evidence from grammatical illusions in monolingual and bilingual comprehension”, Anastasia Paspali, University of Humboldt (for the presentation in pdf click here)

11.30-12.00 “Web-based platforms for experiments”, Nina Douka & Konstantina Olioumtsevits, A.U.Th. (for the presentation in pdf click here)

2nd webinar, Thursday, 3/12/2020, 9.30-11.30

Article review, Konstantina Tsiousia, A.U.Th.

(1) Terzi, A., & Nanousi, V. (2018). Intervention effects in the relative clauses of agrammatics: The role of gender and case. Glossa: a journal of general linguistics, 3(1), 17. DOI:

(2) Varlokosta, S., Nerantzini, M., Papadopoulou, D., Bastiaanse, R., & Beretta, A. (2014). Minimality effects in agrammatic comprehension: The role of lexical restriction and feature impoverishment. Lingua, 148, 80-94. DOI:

For the presentation in pdf click here.

3rd webinar, Thursday, 14/1/2021, 9.30-11.30

“MultiMind project. Vocabulary interventions in Reception Classes”, Konstantina Olioumtsevits & Despina Papadopoulou, A.U.Th. (for the presentation in pdf click here)

4th webinar, Thursday, 28/1/2021, 9.30-11.30

“Prosody as a medium of intervention”, Marianna Martzoukou, Hellenic Open University & University of Ioannina

5th webinar, Thursday, 18/2/2021, 9.30-11.30

Articles review, Dimitris Michelioudakis & Giannis Rachmanis, A.U.Th.

(1) Anagnostopoulou, E. (2008). Psych Verbs (Athens reading group hand out). Retrieved from

(2) Hartshorne, J. K., O’Donnell, T. J., Sudo, Y., Uruwashi, M., Lee, M., & Snedeker, J. (2016). Psych verbs, the linking problem, and the acquisition of language. Cognition, 157, 268-288. DOI:

For the presentations in pdf click here.

Greek courses

Design & Implementation of voluntary on-line Greek courses for refugees in collaboration with Stand by Me Lesvos.

Coordination and planning: Konstantina Olioumtsevits

Planning and implementation: Nina Douka

Teaching: Αidona Lafkaridou, Maria Tzikou, Rania Ntara, Athena Nachopoulou, Katerina Efstathiou-Selacha, Olga Kritharidou, Panagiotis Antoniadis, Vasilis Michos


Conference of the Foundation for Endangered Languages, Tirana, 18-20 Dec. 2021


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